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تاسم الباحثعنوان القرص الليزري
1Joseph Raine -Aubery Cunnecton 100 CASES IN PAEDIATRICS
2Diana holdright 100 Questions in Cardiology
3Gary C. Morchow1001 Healty baby answer
4.Aparrter approach to Lmph node diagnosis
5Albert R. JonsenClinical Ethics
6.aresuscition Room Guide
7Rakesh MisraA-Z chest radiology
8Barbara J. BainA- Z hematology
9.ABC antenatal care
10.ABC arterial and venous disease
11John Rees ABC of Asthema
12.ABC of clinical Genetics
13DREW ProvanABC of clinical Hematology
14.ABC of colorectal cancer
15Tim Halt-SudeshABC OF Diabetes
16Francis MorrisABC Defferntioal Diagnosis
17PT Khaw-P shahABC of eyes -fourth edition
18Nicoia CooperABC Geriatric mecdicine
19Peter ContillABC Learning and teaching in medicine
20.ABC of liver-pancreas and bladder
21Ian Hunt ABC of lung cancer
22.ABC occupational and enviornmental mecicine
23BERNARD VALMONABC of one to seven
24ANDRONIKOUABC of pediatrics surgical imaging
25Tim Nutbeam -Ron DONIETSABC OF practical Procedures
26.ABC of Psycholocical medecine
27. ABC of resuscitation
28Adward ABC of Rhematology
29.ABC of spinal cord
30Andrew Clarke ABC of Spinal Disorders
31.ABC of subfirtelity
32bernard volmanABC of the first year
33Marcela conterorABC of transfusion
34David C. Dale- Daniel D. FedermanACB Medicine
35.Acute medical Emergencies
36Dr.Graham R.NimmoAdult medical emergencies
37.Airway management in emergencies
38Roger S.KirbyAn atlas of erclitle dysefusion
39Vinidh Paleri- John Hillan atlas of vestigation and management
40Edward D. Frohilch an atlas of invistecation and management Hypertention
41Alain C msqueletan atlas of surgical anatomy
42.an introduction to echo analysis :scattrering theory and wave propagtion
43.an intoduction to medical statistics
44William B.Jeffries an introduction to medical teaching
45Eli EhernpreisAnal and rectal diseases explained
46.Anatomical images
47Kenneeth R.Bridge anemias and other red cell
48Patrick G.Guilfoile Antibiotic -Resistant Bacteria
49.antmicrobial chemotherapy
50Laurrent Brocharapplid physiology in intensive care medicine
51Johnny L . Matson assessing childhood psychopathology and developmental disabilities
52world health organzation ATLAS
53M.Afzal miratlas of diagnosis
54Patrick W.Tankatlas of amatomy
55Clark DUH perrierEndocrine tumors
56Richard P.Brenner atlas of in critical care
57James C. Esch atlas of function al shoulder anatomy
58Alan G. Rose atlas of gross pathology
59.Hand bone age
60.Atlas of health in europe
61ellen shaw de paredesatlas of mammography
62.atlas of medical parasitology
63Edward B.Savagiatlas of mitral valve repair
64.Atlas of morphology and functional anatomy of the brain
65Mike bradly and Paul O،donnellatlas of musculoskeletal Ultrasound anatomy
66Dunane E. Hainesneuronatomy an atlas of structure ,sections ,and systems
67.atlas of pediatric emergency medincine
69Rodulphatlas of the newborn /volum 1
70Rodulph2 / atlas of the newborn /volum
71Rodulph3/ atlas of the newborn /volum
72Rodulph4/atlas of the newborn /volum
73Rodulph5/atlas of the newborn /volum
74.Autism and its medical management
75.Avery,s neonatology pathophysiology and management of the newborn
76Lizabeth A. martinezavoiding common icu errors
77.Basic and clinical pharmacology
78michael JoinerBasic clinical radiobiology
79A. Bayes de luna basic electrocardiography normal and abnormal ECG patterns
80Rudolf probestbasic otorhinolarynology
81.BNF for chilren
83Patrisia A. Thomasbrest cancer and its precursor lesions
84.breastfeeding and human lactation
85Steven-Tracycardiology in family practice
86Hector R.Wong-Thomas P. ShanleyCardiovascular pediatric critical ILLness and Iniury
87Toy. PatlanCase files /internal medicine
88TOY .YetmanCase files /pediatrics
89 Casebook of orthopedics rehabilitation
90andreolicecil essential medicine
92Juzar Ali-Warren R.summerChest radiology
93.childern with language
94coneor p. delaney-paul c. neary operative techniques laparoscopic colorecyal surgery
95william colemandeadly diseases and epidemics CHOLERA
96Harlod EllisClinical anatomy
97Farhanak Assadiclinical desions in pediatric nephrology
98.clinical evedence
99.clinical examination/a systematic guide to pysical diagnosis
100Russele W. Steeleclinical handbook of pediatric infection disease
101Jhon sommersclinical interviewing
102Chatherine Haberlandclinical neuropathology
103Margaret Lawsonclinical pediatric dietetics
104Ronald B. David clinical pediatric neurology
106prasod godboleclinical problems in pediatric Urology
107k.Buckupclinical tests for the musculoskeletal
108Kay shou-Mel Kanecolor alas and synopsis of pediatric dermatology
109Reinhardcolor of neurology
110T.Caglecolor alas and text of pulmonary pathology
111J.Koolman -K.Roehmcolor of biochemistery
112Kiko Hyakuskocolor alas of burn reconstructive surgery
113Ellen Jo Baron color atls of diagnostic microbiology
114Jay Dixcolor atlas of forensic pathology
115.Rainercolor atlas of herpetic eye diseaes
116James H.DIAZcolor atlas of human poisoning and evenvenoming
117Omer Ahmed color atlas of laparoscopy
118Heinz Lullmanncolor atlas of pharmacology
119Thieme color atlas pf pysiology
120.color atlas of hisology
121Robin A.cooke-Brain Stewartcolor atlas of anatomical pathology
122Philip . Glickcomplications in pediatric surgery
123.comperehennsive pediatric hospital medicine
124Cecelia hurroCongenital and perinantal infections
125Lisa Bergersencongenita heart disseaes
126Praveen Kumar-Barbara K.burtoncongenital malformations
127Stanley Monkhouse Cranial nerves -functional anatomy
128MICHEAL Belfortcritical care obestrtrics
131William W .HayCurrent DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT Pediatrics
132.Current Diagnosis and treatment-Surgery
133Stephen J.Mc phee2011 current medical and treatment
134.current practice guidelines in priary care
135.Dacie and lewis practcal haematolgy
136. Davidson,s principle and practice medicine
137David J.GawkrodgerDermatology an illustrated
138.Diagnositic alas of intrathoracic tuberculosis in children
139.Diagnostic hematology
140G.Konstantindis elsevier,s dictionary of medicine and biology
141Deirdre Kellydiseases of the liver and biliary system in children
142G.E.Krassasdiseasesof thyoid in chilhood and adolescene
143Matthew L. Mintzdisorders of the respiratory tract
144.MED facts -pocket guide of drug interactions
145Keth A. Rodvold drug interaction in infectious deseases
146.ecg diagnosis in clinical practice
147Dr. Osama AminWCG for teaching notes and best of fives with ECG picture
148Lukas kappenbergerECG Holter
149.ECG in the dhild and adoleascent-normal standards and percentile charts
150Shirley A.ECG notes
151.Emergency medicine
152MAYIL S.KrishnamEmergency radiology
153.emergency medicine clinics of north america
154Susan B.Promesemergency medicne -examination and board review
155.emeregency medicine
156Mahmoud Dawoudemergency radiology
157.deteriot regeiving hospital -emergency medicince handbook
158Hashim Hashim -John RyenardUrulogy emergency in clinical practice
159.2008 year book of intensive care and emergency medicine
160Robert NordnessEpidemiology and biostatistics
161David S. SmithField guide to beside diagnosis
162.First aid for the usmle srep 2 cs st
163. First aid for the usmle step 1
164.First aid made easy
165Dean D. metacalfe Food allerag
166Vincent J.DimaioForensic pathology
167.fundamentals of biomedical engineering
168.Genetics for pediatricians
169Anne M. AgurGrants, atlas of anatomy
170.The iron disorders institute -guid of anemia
171.New Mother,s guide to breast feeding
172Yakoub Aden AdiHandbook of druge for troical paracitic infections
173.handbook of druge in intensive care
174Edmund KennethHandbook of echo-doppler interpretation
175Elizabeth J. CorwinHandbook of pathophysiology
176.Hand book of signs and symptoms
177Ronald HoffmanHematology-basic principles practice
178Betty CieslaHematology in practice
179.Hematopathology -morphology ,immunophenotype ,cytogenetics and molecular approaches
180Georg M.HallHow to present at meetings
181Trishahow to read apaper
182Ayden Tozerenhuman body dynamiies:classical meachanics and human movement
183Susan BaylissIllustrated pediadric dermatology: diagnosis and manegement
184Herbert ChenIllusrative handbook of generaj surgery
185John M.MathisImage -guided spine interventions
186Paul D.GriffithsImaging the central nervous system of the fetus and neoate
187P.Imbachpedaitric onology
188غير موجود
189C. Neel ELLISInherited cancer syndromes
190Georg F. HoffmannInherited metabolic diseases
191Jarrah Ali Al-TubaikhIntrenal medicine
192Philip enginterpreting chest x-rays
193William S. prawJohnson,s practical electromyography
194.color atlsas of gross placental pathology
195.Usmile step 2 ck -lecture notes pediatrics
196.Usmile step 2 ck -lecture notes-surgery
197.Usmile step 2 ck - Qbook
198Mary AnneLange QA pediatrics
199Vadim Kupermanmangetic resonance imaging
200FOAD R.KandeelMale repoductive dysfunction
201Ragavandra R.Baligamanegement of heart failure
202Johnson Hopkinsthe johns hopkins manual of gynecology and obstetrics
203.manual of nephrology
204Arther T.Evansmanual of obestetrics
205.manual of pediatric hematology and gyencology
206Hendrics -Duggan manual of pediatric nutrition
207Hoffman -NelsonQoldfrank,s manual of toxicologic emwergenies
208Stephen C. Hausermayo clinic castroenterology and heptology board review
209Jawetz ,melnick medical microbiology
210Andeas Luclmolecular ,clinical and environmental toxicology
211Andreas Luchmolecular ,clinical and environmental toxicology
212DREW ProvanMolecular hematology
213Martin WeyreutherMEI atlas orthopedics and neurosurgery the spine
214Gray LineyMRI Ato Z-adfinitive guide for medical professionals
215.neonatal ultrasonograhpy
216.Neonatal emergencies
217Pedro de alarconneonatal hematology
218.neonatal nutrition and metaboloism
219Tricia Lacy GomellaNeonatology
220Richard Polinpocket clinician neonatology
221Dan JonesNeoplastic hematopathology
222Hannes Volgelnervous system
223.Neurologic clinical -part 1
224.Neurologic clinical -part1
225Walter G.Bradleyneurology clinical practice
226William TasmanDuane,s ophthalmology
227Kirk Eriksen orthospiology procedures
228Pauline M.Camachoosteoporosis
229.oxford handbook accident and emergency medicine
230.oxford handbook of clinical and laboratory investigation
231.oxford handbook of clinical diagnosis
232.oxford handbook of examination and practical skills
233Drew Provanoxford handbook of clinical haematology -second edition
234Murray Longmoreoxford handbook of clinical medicine
235Greg Mclatchieoxford handbook of clinical surgery
236Marveyn SingerOxford hand book of critical care
237Jermy Laryoxford handbook of dialysis
238.oxford hand book of ENT and head surgery
239Richard Pattmanoxford handbook of genitourinary medicine ,HIV and aids
240Robert Walkinsoxford handbook of medicine sciences
241Jim CassidyOxford handbook of oncology
242Daid sempleoxford handbook of psychiatry
243stehpen chapmanoxford handbook of respiratory medicnie
244mecheal Eddleston oxford handbook of tropical medicine
245John Reynaryoxford handbook of urology
246.oxford hand book of geriatric medicine
247edward J.benzoxford textbook of medicnie
248Glen O.Gabbardoxford textbook of psychotherapy
249david A.isenbergoxford textbook of rheumatology
250Jose Morenoan atlas of investigation and manegment paediatric gadtroenterology
251 Troeger seidenstickerpaediatric imaging manual
252Maryann Hardypaediatric radiograhty
253David FM Thomasessential of paediatric urology
255Stphen J. McpheePathophysiology of disease
256A.L.BaertPediatric chest imaging
257.Radiologic clinics of north america
258Fima Lifshitzpediatric endocrinology
259Fima Lifshitzpediatric endocrinology
260John M.GrahamPediatric ENT
261Kevin Chapmanpediatric epilepsy case studies
262Stringer-Babynpediatric gastrointestinal imageing and intervention
263.pediatric hematopoitic stem cell transplantation
264Robert E. shaddypediatric heart failure
265Micheal McConnell pediatric heart suonds
266Colin G. Stewardpediatric hematology
267.pediatric inflammatory bowel disease
268J.A. Walker .Smithpediatric bowel disease -perspictive and consequences
269.pediatric interviewing
270A.James Barkovichpediatric neuroimaging
271Peter L.Heilbronerpediatric neurology -essentials for geeral practice
272Jack O.HallerPediatric Radiology
273.Pediatric radiology review
274Mark F.ditmarpediatric secrets
275Mark D. stringerpediatric surgery and urology
276.pediatric thoracic surgery
277David E.Wessonpediatric trauma
278R.fottpediatric uroradiology
279.pediadtric emergency medicine
281.pharmacology for the physical therapits
282Joel A. Vilenskyphotographic anatomy flash cards
283.pocket atlas of human anatomy
284shafique ahmed -david souhtallpocket emergency paediatric care
285Jerrold B.Leikinpoisoning and toxicology handbook
286.postgraduatete haematology
287.practical algorithems in pediatric hematology and oncology
288.practical echocardiography
289.principles of ALS care
290.public health laboratories
291.plmonary cytopathology
292A.S..Devos -J.G.Blickmanradiology imaging of diagestive tract and childern and childern
293V.donoghue radiological imaging of the neonatal chest
294.applided radiological anatomy -medical students
295Mubin L.azim Shaikhradiology of non-spinal pain procedures
296Jeffery A.Solomonradiology secrets
297Lena specht radiotherapy for hodgkin lymphoma
298M.Gabriel Khanrapid ECG interpretation
299.respiratory disease
300.respratory management in critical care
301thomas P.shanleyressucitation and stabilization of the critcally III child
302Efirm BenensonRheumatology
303Daivd G.nicholsRogers, textbook of pediadtric intensive care
304thomas P.shanleyscience and practice of pediatric critical care medicine
305Jennifer Pealscientefic writing easy when you know how
306.surgical atlas pediatric otolaryngology
307James T.willerten tears of images from circulation
308.textbook of clinical neurology
309mark h.swartzphysical diagnosis
310.the central nervous system in pediatric critical IIIness and injury
311Kara Rogersthe rerproductive system
312Kara Rogersthe rerproductive system
313Kara Rogersthe cardiovascular system
314.the digestive system
315.the digestive system
316.the pituitary
317D.J.Weatherallthe thalassamia syndromes
318.therapies and rehabilation in down syndrome
319.Ttpe 1 diabetes
321.USMILE Sstep 1 -lecture notes -immunology and microbiology
322.USMILE STEP 1 -Lecture notes -behaioral sciences
323.Usmle step 1 -lecture notes -biochemistry and medical genetics
324.Usmle step 1 -lecture notes -pathology
325Usmle step 1 lecture notes -physiology
326Ciro A.de QuadrosVACCINES
327H.Krautterwhen your baby won,t stop crying
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